Statistical Consulting Services

Statistical Science

Statistical Programming

Data Visualization

Development of specialized statistical methods

Statistical Science
The statistical approach taken is driven by the research question - from standard techniques to innovative methods.
  • Design, Analysis, Interpretation, and Reporting of Clinical studies in Phase 1-4
  • Machine Learning: supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Integrated summaries (ISS, ISE) and Database Integration
  • Periodic Safety Updates (PSURs)
  • Post-marketing surveillance and Medical Affairs
  • Electronic Regulatory Submission and Health Authority Requests
Statistical Programming
Statistics and Data Science cohere with statistical programming. We have a highly structured and industry-proven system of delivering tables, figures, and listings with Consistency and Efficiency.
  • End-to-End streamlined programming with CDISC compliances, including:
  • CRF annotation,
  • SDTM mapping,
  • ADaM development, and TLF generation;
  • Legacy Data Conversion,
  • Define-xml generation and Reviewer's Guides documentation.
Deliverables are (i) in high quality, (ii) meet timelines, and (iii) low cost. We guarantee value-added criteria of submission readiness (including BIMO).